Wednesday, November 11, 2015

I'm back... for now

Happy hump day everyone! I have not had a second to wrist a post in so long, it's ridiculous. A big shout out to those bloggers who keep up with a blog post everyday, I have NO idea how you do it. Life has been crazier than usual lately. I went back to work last week, after being home with my little love bug for 12 weeks. And it sucked, majorly. I miss him so much during the day. I am so blessed that my moms keeps him so I know he is in great hands, but I so miss watching him all day. Still hoping to win the lottery one day. Harrison has grown so much! I feel like he grows during the day while I'm at work. He loves to "talk" to me and a refuses to lay back without doing his ab crunches, trying to sit up. He always has THE biggest smile in the morning when I look into his bassinet, it seriously melts my heart! He is the greatest thing in the world. On a completely unrelated note, we are EXPANDING. Not our family (woah, talk about too soon) but adding on a master closet and bathroom. I am SO excited! We currently have one bathroom and let me tell you, it can't be good for a marriage to share ONE bathroom. Here are a few of the ideas I'm using to design everything:

I love all of the white and neutral colors, so calm and relaxing. I am so excited to actually start seeing everything come together. The Foundation is done and the plumbing started today. I will start taking pictures as soon as there is something interesting to photograph. Hope you all have a wonderful week.  

P.S.  Obviously I couldn't post without a picture of this angel. Here he is as a Lion for his very first Halloween! 

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