Saturday, March 29, 2014

Life actually on North King Street

It has been FAR too long since I have blogged. I truly hate starting something and never finishing and I am bad for that. I woke up and decided to try to commit to this at least twice a month. I started this blog as a why to document life lately; our new home, new adventures, new recipes, etc. I am going to give this another try! I realized that I hadn't actually talked about living in our new home at all. It's hard to believe almost a YEAR has gone by since we closed on our house. Time goes by far too quickly! We are loving being in town! I grew up (literally) three houses down from our home so I feel like I never left. I can't wait to have kids and experience "town life" with them. This may sound crazy to some, this "town life", especially if you live in a big city. When I was in middle school, my friends and I used to ride our bikes from sun up to sun down. We could go get lunch (at one of the 5 restaurants in town), ride to a friends house, to the park or the ball park. I loved every minute of it and felt so safe being in the middle of Windsor. I know times have changed but still I hope my children will love being in the middle of of this little town as much as I do. Back to our home, it's FINALLY spring and thank the Lord for it. I am so happy to get some springy colors and Easter decor in the house.

Spring banner from Target last year and bunny banner is Target Threshold this year.

Ceramic bunny from Pier 1 (He's actually a book end)

This little gem is something I painted last week at Cork and Canvas in Edenton, NC. Leanna is awesome and the classes are so much fun!

I'm still very happy with the decision to paint most of the walls in our house either white or some other neutral. I am constantly loosing in interest in things and with the white walls a throw blanket or vase of flowers can make the entire room look different. I still have so many things I want to do in the house, but for now we are living comfortably. We are planning to add on a master bathroom and closet this summer. Any thoughts? I would love to talk to someone who has added on an entire room to their existing home. It should be a hot and stressful summer, yet again with home remodeling. Have a GREAT weekend!!