Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy fourth of July

Happy Saturday afternoon!  I figured while I was relaxing at the river I would update my blog. We are officially moving next weekend! That's right,  I'm calling our satellite company and moving the televisions. I'm so tired of living between two house so we are just going to make the move, even if the new house isn't completely finished. Our hardwood floors were finished today in our kitchen. Our kitchen cabinets are being installed next weekend,  woop woop! Once that is finished,  we will be DONE! It's been a long three months but totally worth all of the changes and hard work we have done. In the mean time,  I have been
enjoying every relaxing minute of sunshine and blue skies at our river house!  It has been absolutely gorgeous here for the past three days. I've enjoyed baking festive red, white and blue goodies.

 In addition to baking,  my sister and I went on some serious paddle boating adventures! We found lots of cool shells and coral for my collection. We always find something fun to do while we are here.

We have one more might down here before we go home for the week!  I'm already looking forward to our next weekend back (if we can finish moving)! I hope you all have a festive,  wonderful and happy Fourth of July weekend!